Our Company

Global Inspections-NDT, Inc. inception was built on large ring gear cleaning and inspection applications. Using the most advanced technology, these applications are performed in a third of the time as conventional applications today.

Ring Gear Cleaning & Inspections

Global Inspections-NDT, Inc. was instrumental in developing ASTM E2905 for mill and kiln ring gear drive inspections. This practice addresses the need to detect surface breaking flaws electronically, and to have the ability to size accurately any surface breaking cracks found on cast and forged mill ring gear and pinion teeth faster and more effectively than other methods.

It will scan the addendum, dedendum and root of a gear tooth in 15 seconds. With 2 and 3D dimensional isometric displays, the defect can be seen electronically as it is on the gear flank and root surface. This improves inspection reliability by reducing reliance on the inspector.

Advantages of our System

The main advantages are - not only can the defects be characterized, they can also be sized accurately, faster and more effectively than other methods. Cleaning and inspection times for a 34 foot SAG Mill gear drive is seven hours. Insurance companies have now accepted this standard. This practice will help to standardize the use of this non-destructive testing approach for large ring gear inspections, delivering onsistency, efficiency and standardization, a service valued worldwide.

Benefits of our System

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ASTM E2905 is cleaner, faster, documentable, and covers a larger area in less examination time and greatly improves Probability of Detection better than any other traditional non-destructive testing methods today for gearing applications. ASTM E2905 is forms part of AGMA 919-1-A14, Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Gear Units and Open Gears: Part 1 - Basics.

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Cleaning has never been easier. 10m girth gears can be cleaned in less than an hour. There is no need to wipe the gear teeth down after the cleaning, saving numerous person hours.

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Drastically reduces inspection time. Covers a large area in one single pass. Provides real-time mapping of the inspected region, facilitating data interpretation. Improves reliability and Probability of Detection (POD). Unlike some other inspection methods, this will size cracks accurately, and all of the data is electronically archived for future reference.